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Orange One

From multi-year commitment of our company in the research and rediscovery of the original local growing and winemaking methods, we have achieved an obligatory stop: the true "white" from Gorizia: Friulano, Istrian Malvasia and Ribolla . Grapes harvested when fully ripe. maceration with the skins in open vats for more days, based on experience gained over the years. spontaneous fermentation at cellar temperature with continuous manual punching. Long aging of minimum 24 months on the fine yeast in large Slavonian oak barrels.


Vineyard: Slatnik (San Floriano del Collio Oslavia, northeast exposure, marl-clay soil, 150m s.l.m 50% - 50% 100m s.l.m ..), Lucinico and Sant’Andrea

Grapes: Ribolla yellow 50%, Malvasia and Friulano (mean age 30 years)

Fermentation of grape musts: Alcoholic fermentation in oak vats with skins without forced cooling and without selected yeasts

Refinement: in large oak casks (15-25 hectoliters) for 24 months

Bottling: by free fall without the addition of sulfur dioxide and without filtration


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