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Grapes from the Gradiscutta cru on the feet of the Mount Calvario are picked up in the first two weeks of September in the colder morning hours and immediately carried to the cellar to preserve the aromatic structure; they are destalked and put in open-topped vats for some days with their skins. After a light pressure wines are racked to big Slavonian oak casks and left with the fine lees at less two years.


Vineyard: Gradiscutta (Gorizia - San Floriano), exposed South-East, sandstone and clay, 50m a.s.l.

Grapes: Friulano 100% (1936 vineyard)

Fermentation of grape musts: Alcoholic fermentation in open topped vats with no refrigeration and no added yeasts for

Ageing: In large Slavonian oak barrels (15 - 25 hl) for minimum 24 months on the fine lees

Bottling: bottled by free fall without sulphites addition and no filtration


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