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The Pureness

Producing high quality wines exclusively with grapes

The Vineyard

The vineyards are always grown by the family with extreme respect for consumer’s health and the environment. There is not any use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or toxic pesticidal treatments. The rows are covered with grass and terrain is plowed only in winter if necessary. Fertilizations are made occasionally and exclusively with organic seasoned manure. We give extreme importance to the age of the vines. We use to leave them grow following their own biological rhythms, arriving to much more advanced age, spreading its roots very deeper.

The Winery

Only the healthy grapes are selected and hand harvested in small cases, gradually, when they reach the right ripeness; then they are destalked and crushed lightly before being put into large open-topped vats. This procedure allows to extract the antioxidants from the grape skins. Only wild yeasts are used. After some days the must is pressed and left at less two years on the lees in big oak barrels. In the new winery, built in 2003 we have never introduced industrial yeasts. After some vintages we managed to select a strain of indigenous yeasts that every year distinguish our wines and make them unique.


When we talk about wine, we mean a wine produced with no other matter but healthy and selected grapes from an enviroment-friendly vinegrowing, respecting the natural equilibrium of vineyard and taking in consideration the climate, terrain, geographical position and age of the vines. As discovered in some technical bybliography from the 18th century, in the valleys of Vipava and Collio there was a consolidated practice in fermenting the grape must with its skins for some days in open topped vats, before pressing, to improve flavour, aroma and the lasting of wine in time.

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